Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Finally back for good! haha.

I have had a lot of changes recently...but they couldn't better!

I've decided to change my major to Photography and a minor in Marketing. :) I couldn't be MORE EXCITED! Finally going to follow my dream :)

Wedding plans are going amazinggg, can you believe we are going to have this whole wedding planned for UNDER $6,000??? That's for everything INCLUDING my dress :)

We are going for a totally vintage feel and it's everything I've ever imagined.

These are a couple inspirations for my wedding :) LOVE everything about it. 

on a more frustrating note...I kept having problems with my ring and they got tired of fixing it...so I got to go pick out a new one, which honestly I am SOO in love with :)

We STILL don't know where for sure we are going, but San Diego is lookin gooood :) So excited. 
But I guess home is wherever the NAVY says so.lol. 

We got our engagement photos back, thanks to the amazinggg Amanda Kringle Photography!
Here's a sneak peek ;)

Thank you Amanda :)