Monday, January 9, 2012

SOOO much has happened...

In the past couple months!! Just to fill you all in... I went to Pebble Beach for the first time, and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!! Gregg's mom took me with her parents and it was an amazing time.
Greggory came home on leave!!!!
What a goober ♥

Drum roll please....
We got engaged!!!

So so so excited. 

I am now a Sailor's wife to be.
Love this man with all of my heart.

Yesterday I went to my first Bridal Expo, 
got soo many great ideas and saw so many vendors...

and most of all...I met a woman about my age who started talking about locations, 
price and freedom was huge...and I was talking how so far the places I had found all wanted to charge me extra fees, well she mentioned a wonderful place she was having hers and also recently found, and I fell in love, went to look at it today and it's mine! I am so so so happy! It's totally country and rustic and BEAUTIFUL! Totally me, for the best price ever, we have freedom to bring in any food or drink we want, and it's just everything I wanted!!! yayyy. Miranda Lambert is my total insipiration! :)