Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's official!!

Soooo, my fiancé just got the GREAT news on where we will be stationed! Looks like we are heading off to the beautiful San Diego, CA.

I am so excited to be staying in our home state and still be able to be moderately close to our family.

Now comes the hard part... Finding a place to suit us well. I have no idea where to begin... Especially since we're still waiting for the hard copies with all the details on dates and what not. Any advice on how to get started? What to look for and what places will or won't give back part of our BAH and things like that? I don't really want to apply for base housing, but would rather have our own place separate seeing as neither of us (fiancé and I) have lived away from home (with the exception of his barracks on base and such) so this is such a new experience.

All in all... I'm happy to finally know and get started with our planning :)


On a side note... I just celebrated my 21st birthday this past week. Quickly found out that the party scene really isn't for me, and I was REALLY paying for it today. Oh my goodness, I swear my sun glasses never left my face! Haha.

I ran into some lovely ladies I haven't seen since high school which was totally fun... And I experienced my first fishbowl! Which honestly... Not the best lol. But totally okay. You only turn 21 once :)