Thursday, October 11, 2012

City of Sunshine!

So I've officially made my move to San Diego!

It's such a different lifestyle than what I am used to in northern California. A lot of that "hussle bussle" and not enough of an opportunity to stop and smell the roses. I've always been a busy girl, but I feel a little lost in such a new city. Granted, this place is beautiful. Being new to the world of a military wife, I'm definitely learning as we go. Luckily, I've been busy taking photos and enjoying the scenery around here. Hubs and I have gone to the zoo, Sea World, and many of the beaches the city has to offer.

So relaxing!

I got a job in a local coffee shop downtown which has been fun so far. Definitely gives me an outlet to feel productive and socialize a little.

I love my new community so far (Any women in Bayview military housing? lol) I'm still trying to get out and involved and meet some new people.

plus, decorating for fall has been SO fun. The colors are gorgeous and all the holiday candles have the house smelling amazing :)

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