Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly update!

Alrighty, this week has been busy busy busy!

I was able to see my Big Sis and my Twin on monday. SUCH a wonderful surprise to have her in town this weekend. We all went to the Tower Cafe in Sacramento. I'd never been there before and I loveddd it. Such a pretty little area and the breakfast was very good. YUM.

I caved and got a Pinterest account...and I can honestly say that's my new love. haha. So many cute things on there! like these ear warmers...

I'm making some in black for my dance team to wear. SO CUTE!

Oh! and only 40ish more days until my Sailor comes home! Can you say exciting?!? I can't wait. 

Now, on another note, his mother is going through some tough times with her health and we are hoping for the best, please keep her in your prayers. 

Happy Thursday! 

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